“It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.”
― Angela Y. Davis, Freedom Is a Constant Struggle


With a new administration in the White House in 2021, GGE is centering the needs of cisgender (cis) and transgender (trans) Black girls and gender nonconforming (GNC) Black youth. A National Agenda for Black Girls (NABG) is a collaborative project bringing the needs of Black girls to the national stage and amplifying the voices of Black girls in upcoming elections by engaging organizations across the United States who are committed to the well-being of Black girls. GGE continues to build a coalition of national partners doing like minded organizing centering Black girls, gender based violence, education justice, reproductive justice, and young people across the gender spectrum.

We recognize that partnerships and likeminded organizations are pivotal to our national campaign and movement work. We will work together to uplift the priorities of A National Agenda for Black Girls. We believe in equity across the board and value labor of organizers, thought leaders, and youth workers which is why all coalition organizations are compensated for their time and expertise. organizations. If you would like to join the NABG Coalition, please reach out to Deputy Director of Organizing, Breya Johnson at BJohnson@ggenyc.org.